Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hard by the yard

Football is a game of inches they say. High school football was something that when I was growing up, it wasn't a sport: It was a religion. 

Parkview Panther Stadium "The Big Orange Jungle"
Down south, with classification going up to 6-A and having tradition as deep rooted as the oak trees, it becomes something more than just football when the Friday night lights start shinning. 

I remember my senior year of high school, my team was playing our annual rivalry game against our most hated rival. It was the start of the 4th quarter, and we needed 2 scores just to tie up the game. We started with the ball on the 5 yard line, 95 yards away from the end zone. I remember the whole crowd having the feeling of "How in the world are we going to make it all that distance?" 

Sometimes we are faced with situations like this. Where we look down the field and all we can see is what seems like an unattainable feat in front of us. But, we need to remember, that things aren't always gonna come at once. 

I remember my friend turning to me before play resumed, and telling me "Hey, let's just see if we can get the first down. Then we'll see from there" 

Sure enough, we got 10 yards and a first down. Then he turned and said the same thing "Let's just make sure we get the next first down"

As the ball moved down the field, all the focus was was just to make sure we got the first down. Before we knew it, it was 1st down at the 5 yard line, only this time, headed towards our own end zone. We got the score, and eventually ended up winning the game

"Life is hard by the yard, but a cinch by the inch" - Thomas S. Monson 

Let us always remember this phrase! When faced with a trial or with any situation, let us remember to focus on the small things, and how to start, instead of feeling overwhelmed, like we need to have everything happen all at once. See the light at the end of the tunnel and never stop moving towards it. Take things inch by inch, and before you know it, you will have reached the end zone.

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